About Us​

We Just Do One Thing​

We are recruitment Investor Relations professionals within the investment management space, with a primary focus within the Real estate industry.

Real Estate Fundraising Is Our Niche

Within this space, we are able to hyper-focus on one market. We continuously build out a relevant candidate pool of exceptional talent, to fit diverse requirements of GP’s across the US.

For each candidate we speak to, we have a unique system that addresses:

LP demographic
Comp expectations
Candidate level of experience
LP Location

Utilizing this approach has enables a foundation for a comprehensive targeted search process, where we will also consider further needs.

Key Considerations ​

People Are Your Most Important Asset

Having completed successful mandates for different sized firms, we have a track record of taking time to understand  challenges and business goals. Our shortlist will highlight skills and experience on resumes that demonstrate an understanding.

Inch Wide, Mile Deep ​​

We are able to build out a robust candidate network through the Real Estate space. This gives us an advantage over other agencies that look to build out their Real Estate Capital Raising network, after receiving a job requirement.

Passive Candidate Network Pipeline

Most fundraising professionals are not actively looking for a job, but would make a move for the right opportunity. We grow and nurture our candidate network and know when they are ready to go from being a “passive” to an “active” candidate.

Structured Candidate Delivery Plan

Traditional recruiting methods no longer work and job boards are in fast decline. As industry experts, we know it’s time to do things differently and have developed a multi-faceted recruiting method to further ensure a successful candidate placement.

About The Founder​

Joe Reeves​​

Joe has 15+ years of Financial Services recruitment, and has grown teams to become top suppliers across multiple blue-chip clients, before founding Francis King.
Although Joe’s main  focus is primarily on the US market, he has also successfully placed with public and private managers across the UK & Europe, with fund AUM sizes ranging from $200m to $14bln
He spends his spare time with his wife and 4 young children, Freddie, Harry, Archie & Mimi. On the rare occasion there is any further free time then running, entertaining, holidays and watching sport tend to fill it.

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